The Flavours formed late in 2002 and began performing in January 2003.
The main focus of the song list centers around Top 40 rock and dance music from the ‘70s and ‘80s, with a scope that reaches from the ‘60s to the present. We play plenty of standard “crowd pleasers” but also bring in alternative hit songs to keep our song list refreshing. A frequent compliment the band receives is “I love y'all's song list!”
The Flavours have become "track free" in 2014. All the sounds you hear are made by real people playing and singing right in front of you. There are no tracks, sequences or Autotune. Real, live music. 

Dave Hineman, one of Buddy Magazine's “Texas Tornados of Guitar” of 2001, has been a favorite sideman for many Dallas bands, including Solinger and Tres Hombres and 80's glam act "Metal Shop." The Flavours band brings Dave to the front vocally and also highlights his talents on guitar. In 2014, Dave returned to The Flavours as a full time member.
Dave is also fortunate enough to perform with the bands Dream On, Wood Shop, and "Comes Alive!" - a Peter Frampton tribute act.
Dave endorses Buddy Blaze guitars, you should check them out. 

Check out this poem written by Keith Aitken after a Flavours show... I am so humbled, I just had to add it to the site!

Barbara Jean comes from Florida’s Palm Beach club scene. Before co-founding The Flavours, she became known in the Mid-cities as the lead singer of Crush. Her soft vocal style might remind you of Chrissy Hynde of The Pretenders.

Keith also authored a poem for Barbara Jean - it's wonderful!

Drummer Breck Shisler was Dave's first drummer when they were in 5th grade.  According to Dave, "He is like the Peter Criss to my Ace Frehley; the Keith Moon to my Townshend." Breck also played drums with Decline and local original band Aerial before becoming a full-time Flavour.

On Bass... Bob "Big and Tasty" Prince. Noted bass man for Quazi and the Motos, Smoochie, as well as many others, Bob's extensive experience and attention to the groove keeps the low end big and full all night long, which is how we like it!

Daniel Nix on Keyboards and Vocals. Daniel is a fabulous musician with an extensive resume, which includes: 1979 Guitar for Leatherwood, 1983 Lead Singer for Brittany, and he worked with Phil York of KNON on several projects. “Special Thanks to Dave Andries for pushing me musically and yes, I know my circle of fifths!”

In 1986, he was in LA working with Steve Desper, Bill Whitlock, RCA, Parcomm Studio, Paramount Studio, Howard McElroy, Lori Bianco (RCA). In 1989 he moved on to New Hampshire to work with producer Jimmy Miller. Several of Daniel’s songs have been played on Q102 “Texas Tapes.”

And now, The Flavours have the pleasure of sharing him with you!
There are few things in life as joyous as a well-meshed musical team.
As the joy flows from The Flavours stage all night long - you realize it's not only what they play, it's how they play it for you!
Come share the Joy!

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